Improve Your Exercise Performance with Q10

Q10 not on the doping list
Q10 supplementation increases the time to exhaustion and is not on the doping list

How much can daily supplementation with Q10 improve your exercise performance? How much can it improve your recovery time after hard physical activity?

The big puzzle is that we do not have more studies showing that CoQ10 improves exercise performance. Intuitively, we think, exercise and fitness should be an area in which the positive effects of taking CoQ10 will be most obvious.

Q10 and producing ATP
After all, CoQ10 is required for the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the mitochondria of muscle cells, and ATP is what the cells use whenever they need energy. Furthermore, the cells store only enough ATP, at any one time, for a few minutes’ worth of exertion, which means that a steady supply of CoQ10 has to be on hand.

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Q10 and How to Cope with Side Effects of Statins

Walking without muscular pain

More and more doctors are prescribing more and more statins.  Statins do their work by blocking the activity in the liver of the enzyme HMG-CoA, an enzyme that facilitates the synthesis of cholesterol.

Statins and Q10 — same biological pathway
Now we know, from several human and animal studies, that taking statins also inhibits an important step in the body’s production of Coenzyme Q10.  Dr. Richard Deichmann has summarized the studies that show that CoQ10 deficiency states can result from taking statins(1).

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