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About Ross Pelton

Dr. Ross Pelton is a pharmacist, certified clinical nutritionist, author, and health educator. Dr. Pelton brands himself as The Natural Pharmacist. He is widely recognized as an authority on drug-induced nutrient depletions. Dr. Pelton’s website - https://naturalpharmacist.net/ - features online courses, health coaching, and a health longevity blog as well as information about the books he has written. Best known is Dr. Pelton’s book Drug-Induced Nutrition Depletion Handbook. Dr. Pelton is the author the journal article “Coenzyme Q10: A Miracle Nutrient Advances in Understanding” published in Integrative Medicine, vol. 19, iss 2, p. 16-20, on 1 Apr 2020. You can read more about Dr. Pelton, the natural pharmacist, here .
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